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TIM - Cali/Berlin (Colombia, Germany)


TIM is a singer, writer, and musician who hails from the land of the palm trees and great mountain ranges, Colombia.

He used to play the flute and guitar and it was at the school where he met Alejo Alviar and Juan David Sánchez with whom he formed one of his first bands. It was called Bajo Cero (below zero). The rehearsed during the breaks and began performing covers of other bands at school events.
TIM began to stand out as a guitarist, he gained the attention of teachers and upper class students, and at the age of 12 he became the main guitarist for the school's representative group at the Mono Núñez Andean Music Festival, one of the most important festivals of the genre in Latin America.
Small concerts, rehearsals, recording rehearsals, and videos were part of the way in a number of projects in which TIM was one of the leaders, where he also found his friend Andrés Delgado, the bassist.

Arrival in Esperanto
This is also the time when TIM, thanks to his friend Jarno Rho, discovered and became interested in Esperanto.
There was a period when he had a great interest in languages; he started learning German with a person who also knew Esperanto. After that, TIM joined a meeting in Cali, where he met other Esperantists; and after that, he began to find out about the Esperanto community and the possibilities one has as a musician. That was his motivation!
Years of experience passed until in 2016 TIM reunited with his great friend and “brother”, Michel Villa, with whom he started playing while planning the creation of a new project. The percussionist Sebas Cifuentes soon joined forces, creating one of the most beautiful current projects: Dánae.
The three young musicians began playing at various events and venues in their native Cali. They became the base band of a famous pizza restaurant and bar, and began to be heard in the music scene.

Jump to Europe
TIM, perhaps because of his influences, always had the wish to publish his music in Europe, and this was a common wish that Michel and Sebas also had. After the soundcheck before a concert in a bar in the city center, the three of them were on the street talking where two charming german girls approached and gave them advertising cards for a Colombian-German festival that was to take place that month. Then the spark appeared again; TIM suggested to his bandmates to call the organizers and propose a concert by Dánae, and they were invited. They managed to get a nice spot, a small stage under a tree. On that day, they played at a private party, and then headed to the festival where they later performed a mix of covers and the first Dánae originals.
That day the band became friends with many new people, mostly from Germany, with whom beautiful relationships developed.
After a year, through these friendships TIM met the girl who became his girlfriend, and with whom after a while he decided to come to Europe.
Dánae had their last rehearsal before entring an indefinite break from the band, one day before Tim`s flight to Frankfurt.

TIM arrived in Europe as a volunteer. He played relatively little music at the time, yet he never lost touch: he always played, wrote, and dreamed. That was when he found out about the International Esperanto Youth Congress (IJK) in Spain. He decided to make a concert proposal and contacted the organizers to present homemade recordings. That was actually a proposal that turned out to be a yes..
In the summer of 2018, TIM performed for the first time at an Esperanto event in Europe. It was a very nice travel experience: new people, new countries, and of course music. That was the point when his little personal Esperanto project began to take shape. There he also met Jonny M and Carlos Pesquera, who positively contributed to that idea.
After this, came invitations to perform at meetings such as Esperanto Youth Week (JES) in Storkow (Germany), IJK in Slovakia, and JES in Kudowa-Zdrój (Poland).

Jump to Berlin
Due to a job change and among other reasons due to the desire to work more on his music, TIM decided to find opportunities to move to Berlin in the early summer of 2019. He organized everything in a few days, and despite the lack of solid work and housing, and with little money, TIM decided to jump into the water, he took a train, and that's the beginning in Berlin.
He began to play in various places, open mic events; he began to meet new people, and found a new music scene on a different level.
That was also the summer in which he, after moving to Berlin, traveled to Slovakia to perform during the IJK. That was a wonderful experience that really helped him get through the changes.

Berlin meant various challenges and a very special and positive development.
After a few months during the beginning of the winter of 2019, and before TIM’s trip to Poland to perform during JES, he considered and organized the idea of making a digital album (EP) together with Vinilkosmo, to be released in the summer of 2020.
After months full of concerts, events, friends, new experiences, and new life, TIM shows us a bit of yesterday and today, many songs that were written on the road in Colombia and others already in Germany. Along with Vinilkosmo and Triboulet as sound engineer, he released the first album Vaganto (wanderer), alluding to the propensity towards life, freedom, and spontaneity.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey without a road, a roadless traveler, or if you prefer… a wanderer.

After a little more than three years, TIM is back with good news….

Travels, experiences, people, and places: the beauty of life is seen from the soul.

After a few years since his last release in Esperanto, Vaganto, and after many concerts, productions, and anecdotes, TIM presents his new EP Bela vivo.

Using elements of psychedelics, indie-electronics, and rock elements, TIM begins to form a new sound, strongly influenced by his life in Berlin and by his taste for experimentation, according to a personal meaning.

The creation process was a surprise, as each new sound that emerged seemed to flow perfectly with the songs, as if they were waiting to be expressed. This is the moment when the mind goes silent, you sit down to play and in the blink of an eye, the songs sound better than you expected.

This is what TIM says about the new album: “The past is nostalgia, the future is exciting, and the present is the greatest escape artist ever seen. And that’s life, it’s not perfect, but that’s what makes it so special, life is beautiful, thank you Beautiful Life”.

This edition would not have been possible without the help of Vinilkosmo and Miguel Gutiérrez, who were a great support in the process of creating the EP, and who contributed with the text of Fino de la tempo (End of time), the fifth song in the track list.

Bela vivo release scheduled for March 8, 2024.

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