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Damjanov & Rabu - Bulgaria / Canada

VESELIN Damjanov (1925-1986)

Veselin Damjanov’s life was in an intimate relationship with music and his country, Bulgaria. He was a singer from a young age. Later, when he served in the Bulgarian army, his talent allowed him to become a professional soloist of the army choir.

He toured many countries with the army choir, including China. After years in the army, he exchanged the military uniform for a civilian suit in the choir of the State Musical Theater, where he remained loyal for over thirty years, interpreting many lead roles.

The Bulgarian State expressed its appreciation of his talent and his artistic dedication by giving him the distinction of “Artist of Honor” and the order of “Cyril and Methodius”.

During these years in the Theater, Veselin Damjanov toured extensively for concerts. For two seasons he was a soloist at the Opera of Lyons, in France, and he taught singing at the State Conservatory in Bulgaria.

In 1974, Veselin began his career in Esperanto, being invited for a recital at the 59th World Esperanto Congress in Hamburg (Germany). Since then he was the most popular artist in Esperanto meetings. His linguistic talent enabled him to master Esperanto in very little time, and he then became a translator/adapter of songs and opera arias.

Veselin wrote and composed some songs he dedicated to Esperanto’s 100th anniversary in 1987. But unfortunately his bravour and his wonderful voice could no longer be applauded by the Esperanto public after his death in 1986.


Her Breton parents emigrated to Canada (Manitoba) in 1958. Joëlle Rabu was born in Winnipeg, and later grew up in Courtenay on Vancouver Island.

Joelle has never taken singing lessons.

She belongs to those few favored by nature who are born with a perfect voice. During her childhood Joëlle absorbed the melodies that filled her home. But she only started singing on the day of her 19th birthday. Her singing pleasantly surprised her family, guests, and the restaurant staff where she worked. Since then one could imagine that her talent would be discovered.

That day came in 1983: Joelle was selected for the role of Édith Piaf in the musical “Piaf, Her Songs, Her Loves”. The performance was so successful that it was repeated more than 300 times, and Joëlle became a new phenomenon of Canadian art.

During the last three years she has held the role of “star singer” in four different shows, she recorded CDs, performed concerts in several Canadian provinces and in various US states. She has appeared in various TV and radio programs... and she learned Esperanto.

Joëlle recorded her album “Passport” with songs in Esperanto at the Goldrush Recording Company studio in Vancouver, released in 1985.

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