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Hibrida batalanto - BaRok-Projekto – Catalão (Brazil)

Coproduced by Muniz/Rafael Milhomem/Vinilkosmo © 2021

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Release of the digital single 1 title Hibrida batalanto on 28 september 2021


Upon hearing the song “Praula forto” (ancestral force), a young man feels an awakening of his conscience. According to his visions, his ancestors tell him that he has hybrid blood, from both his white relatives and his native ancestors. The green side, the side of the forest, was screaming more loudly, so he started the fight for indigenous rights!

“The Indigenous peoples are the original peoples of Brazil. The land does belong to them, they were already living there before the invasion. Political projects aim to limit their rights more and more, so I felt compelled to write something on this topic. There is a popular saying that says "in Brazil everyone has indigenous blood either in their veins or on their hands", says Rafael Milhomem.”

BaRok-Projekto in this single is:
Muniz: voice, tenor, electric guitar, bass guitar, programed drum.
Rafael Milhomem: guttural voice, electric guitar, programed orchestra.

Mixing: Muniz.
Mastering: Triboulet (Studio de la Trappe) in Donneville, France.

Production: Milhomem and Muniz.
Text reviewer: Rikardo Cash

Photo: Antônio Reis
Cover image: Junior Lima.

4- Hibrida batalanto

1,00 €

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