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Kvin Jarcentoj - BaRok-Projekto – Catalão (Brazil)

Coproduced by Muniz/Rafael Milhomem/Vinilkosmo © 2021

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Release of the digital EP 6 titles on 26 may 2021


BaRok Projekto surprises you again with exciting songs. In their new album Kvin Jarcentoj, they present diversified pieces of music that take our soul to distant places; during this journey we left the heart of the Amazon Forest and invaded the national parliament.
The topicality of the themes covered is exciting, and makes us feel anger, sadness, reluctance, but also happiness, unity, and strength.

Kvin Jarcentoj is the most recent musical work of the Brazilian metal band. It marks a new heavier and folk metal phase with the voices of Muniz and Milhomem. The texts still deal with the indigenous culture; but now, not on Tupí mythology, but on the present issues relating to the first inhabitants of Brazil, the politics and the social relations of the natives in the present time.
The album was produced by Milhomem and Muniz (who also mixed). The mastering was done by Triboulet in Studio de la Trappe.

For this new album, the band counted on the special participation of: Kimera, Fred Mika, Linda Le Nepveu, and Zdravka Bojčeva.

The EP consists of six titles, and karaoke is also available separately (only at Vinilkosmo).

The first track, Praulan Forton, is about the wake-up call that some people receive to wake up from deep social lethargy, and to fight against inequalities, neglect, and so on. The ancestral echoes now hit us to wake up and struggle.

The second track is about Sola hirund', it deals with the moments of repression and neglect by the authorities we are living through in the middle of the pandemic. Reflecting on the music, Muniz says: “Our social problems intensified during this pandemic period; the huge inequality that exists in our country has grown absurdly. The moments of sadness, neglect, cruelty, abuse, and all sorts of iniquity that happened, left me greatly moved; and when Milhomem commented on the general concept of the new song, based on the saying ‘a single swallow doesn’t make summer’, it inspired me to write this lyrics.” Milhomem says that “this more social and political point of view will be present with greater intensity in the the group’s current works, dealing of course with the issues already worked out by us. This is a new phase for the band.

The third track is Kaŝiri'. We do not live only with misfortunes and hardship. We actually have some happy moments, and when that happens, we celebrate with cachirí, the divine drink that lessens our anxieties and is “made from manioc by the women”.

In the fourth track we have Jen, the famous song written by Ale Cossavella, and in this album it has become livelier and faster. It’s about contraries. Expanding the essence of this song, we believe that we should approach people who value life and who oppose any racism, prejudice, injustice, etc. Basically, water and oil do not mix.

The fifth track is Kvin Jarcentoj. The text refers to the continuation of the struggle of the indigenous peoples, in this case, the Brazilian natives, that has been going on for more than five centuries. Now is the time to wake up, to occupy parliament, and to show not the strength of the arrows but the strength of our pens, of our arts; thus a new history will be written in the history books.

The sixth track is for you who like to sing. We treat you to this karaoke track from the song Jen. Sing and mark us on our social media sites! Who sings, frightens his problems away, so get started!

The beautiful art cover was made by the clever designer Carlos Fides (Artside), who has already created artwork for eminent bands such as: Evergrey, Kamelot, Edu Falaschi, Narnia, Almah, Vitalism, etc.

BaRok-Projekto on this album is:
Muniz – voice, tenor, electric guitar, bass guitar, programmed orchestra, programmed drum, lyrics
Rafael Milhomem – guttural voice, bass, electric guitar, bass guitar, recorder, percussion, lyrics

Kimera – voice in the title Sola hirund'
Fred Mika – drum in the title Sola hirund'
Linda Le Nepveu – alto in the title Kvin Jarcentoj
Zdravka Bojčeva – soprano in the title Kvin Jarcentoj

Mastering: Triboulet (Studio de la Trappe) in Donneville, France
Mixing: Muniz

Production: Milhomem and Muniz
Text reviewer: Rikardo Cash
Cover image: Carlos Barbosa (Artside)

3- Kvin Jarcentoj

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