album ref.: VKVA013-062
6-title EP – 24:00 mn
Available in MP3 – 320 Kb/s and OGG formats

Jen nia Viv-River’ - BaRok-Projekto – Catalão (Goias, Brazil)

Produced by Rafael Milhomem /Vinilkosmo © 2015

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The EP Jen nia viv-river’ is the result of a collection of of Barok-Projekto’s old works (“Bataltemp’”, 2007; “La Plej Bona Ĉasisto”, 2013), that had never been officially launched, and the new song “Jen nia viv-river’”.

In 2007 the band self-produced a small virtual concept EP with four songs entitled Bataltemp’. The EP tells a war epic. Participated in this project singers Geovani Maia (“Bataltemp’”), Paulo Melo (“Nobla Dezir’”), and Leo Yanes (“Heredo de la Post-Milit’”).

Early in 2013 the band recorded the title “La Bona Plej Ĉasisto.” The theme of this song is the dilemma of a native hunter who needs to hunt for food and at the same time sees its prey as a brother living in the same forest. For this title the group was made up of Leo Yanes (vocals), Junior Nieri (drums), Murilo Ramos (bass), Muniz (guitar), and Rafael Milhomem (guitar).

With this EP, the band announced the preparation of a full album of Barok-Projekto for 2016.

In 2015 Barok-Projekto was:
Karliene Araújo: vocals
Junior Nieri: Drums
Alberto Thiago: Bass
Muniz: guitar
Rafael Milhomem: guitar

Soprano on tracks 2, 5, and 6: Nataly Brum
Alto on tracks 2, 5, and 6: Karliene Araújo
Tenor and bass on tracks 2, 5, and 6: Giovani Maia
Solo keyboard on tracks 2, 5, and 6: Luciano Vieira
Introduction in “Arbaro”, native chant “Dú Nhõre - Canto da Caçada com fogo” from the album Etenhiritipá - Cantos da Tradição Xavante

Jen Nia Viv-River’ recorded: Milhomusic Produções (2015)
The Plej Bona Ĉasisto recorded: DB Estúdio Zero (2013)
Nobla Dezir; Arbaro; Bataltemp’; Heredo de la Post-Milit’ recorded: Fantom Studio (2007)
Mastering (2015): Elton Correia (Estúdio Janela Musical)
Mastering tracks 3 and 4 : Triboulet (Studio de la trappe/Vinilkosmo, Donneville, France - 2015/12)

Revision of texts in Esperanto: Rikardo Cash
Layout, Coverart: Junior Nieri
Logo: Carlos Barbosa (ArtiSide)
Photo: BaRok-Projekto

1- Jen nia Viv-River’

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6,00 €
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